Deafening bursts. I swung up and peppered

To arrive before attacking in strength. Between discussing that with her and waiting in the tunnel for a second wave that never came, I ended up an hour late for our next Talk at the filled threeater. Inside, I could tell from the tone of their murmurs the citizens weren't happy, best sex toys for women but they'd ped the time speaking with each other. I hustled to the stage as soon as there was an opening. I want to promise you that, whatever you've heard, and no matter what happens, we won't take your food or your water. That's generous, someone shouted from the seated crowd. And if you run out of supplies, we'll provide you with the same rations we're giving ourselves. That include all the Kool-Aid you've been drinking? a woman called down. Kool-Aid's reserved for level tens, I said. We're just as interested in not getting shot as you are. While we pursue that end with OA, Hermalina's got some proposals to help keep you all safe. Hermalina waggled one hand at the crowd. Hi everyone. So. Remember you can cross over to OA's domes at any time. We won't let you back in, but we're not going to be here forever, right? You'll be home in a few weeks. Unless they drop a really big bomb on us. There's an idea, a man said. Think they have a suggestion box? Hermalina glanced at me. I shrugged. She peered at the notes on her omni. If you live in Dome 27, please think about going over. Or staying with a friend in another dome. We're going to try to do this peacefully, but we don't always get what we want. If we don't, Dome 27 will be least happy about that. How long is this going to last? a woman said. Hermalina turned to me again. No more than another month. I frowned, finally processing Jia's post-skirmish recap of OA's strategy. Among the riots, the retreat, and establishing temporary order inside our territory, the full scope of Go's warning had slipped my mind completely. Hermalina, uh. See her in Dome 27 if you've got any problems. Thanks for coming. I scurried off the stage into the lobby, then broke into a loping jog toward Thermopylae and Baxter. Hey Fay. Hey Rob, it replied after five seconds' delay. How goes the search? Another five seconds as our messages pinged through all that space. Good! What? You found it? No, but I've ruled out a significant range of possibilities. I gritted my teeth. You remember when we calculated how long we could hold out? Who cares if our food will women last five hundred years when OA's reinforcements will be here in two ing weeks? Wrong, Fay said. They'll be here in 17 days. They slowed down best sex toys for women to rendezvous with the HemiCo fleet from Mars. My curses echoed down the sunny streets. HemiCo fleet? Fay, are we going to be out of here in time? Oh, stop it. Do you think I'm just winging it up here? Sure, I never planned to scour billions of cubic miles of best sex toys for women space while you bunkered down in a dirty tunnel against the combined resources of two of the most powerful google enies in the human sphere. But I was aware of contingencies like it. We've been preparing for them all along, adapting along with the situation on the ground. I know it's hard for you to see more than a few days in front of you, but Olympian Atomics and HemiCo aren't the only ones bringing surprises to the table. I stopped cold, mouth so wide you could